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This item is not up to date with VRChat's current specs!! I leave it up so that customers can still access files but I recommend that you don't buy this, generally!

Original customizeable avatar for VRChat/Social VR!

Includes ready to go unitypackaged prefab with visemes and animation overrides set up, custom shaders for body and eyes and a selection of extra blendshapes for customizing. Every color is editable through the material, no texture swapping needed. This model is for VRChat PC or Quest with Oculus Link, it will not work on Quest only. If there is demand I could add this in a future update.

For use with VRChat you will need Unity and the VRChat SDK as well as basic knowledge on how to import an avatar. See documentation here: https://docs.vrchat.com/docs/creating-your-first-avatar

You are free to use, edit and customize for your own personal use. Do not resell or redistribute model or shaders. If you are an avatar creator that has done edits of this model that you would like to sell, please ensure that your clients buy their own license for this model. You are also free to commission others to edit your model.
Do not use for any N F T or crypto related projects, nor mint on the blockchain.

This is intended as a base model to edit so I'd love to see what you come up with!

I'm on Discord: Lhannan#1643 if you have any issues or suggestions.

-Added some additional bonus content as a thank you to everyone who has purchased so far. It's a robot version that only uses one material with standard shader for the performance/accessibility minded, and a swimwear version. The package ships with prefabs of these two.

-Fixed an issue where the display models got a full body tracking warning, while the actual model did not. New display models should not throw any warnings, but if you use full body and get issues with it, get in touch and I'll work with you on a fix.

  • Unitypackage and blender workfile for fully working avatar with custom shaders, visemes and expressions.

  • Unitypackage and blender workfile for fully working avatar with custom shaders, visemes and expressions.


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Outdated! Bunny VRChat Avatar

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